The GDC language survival project supports minority communities with their protection and promotion of indigenous languages. Currently, the project supports the Frisians, an indigenous recognized minority in Germany, who speak two distinct Frisian languages.

Objectives of the project include support for the campaign to gain adequate funding for language education, bringing representatives of varying dialect groups together, promote the digitalization of the Frisian languages and get digital access to government services in Frisian.



Several articles on events and speeches at various United Nations conferences:

E-governance in Frisian (Speech at a UN Expert Meeting on 4 September 2023)

The lack of support for the Frisian language in Germany (Speech at the UN EMRIP on 17 July 2023)

Digital access to democracy for Frisian speakers (Speech at the UN Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law on 25 November 2022)

Frisians at the FUEN Congress (29 September – 1 October 2022)

Language survival (Speech at the UN EMRIP on 4 July 2022)

The linguistic situation of the Frisians (Speech at the Europe-Central Asia Regional Forum on 3 May 2022)

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