H.E. Hon. Yohan A.C. Byrde - Secretary General and Executive Chairman

The Honorable Yohan Byrde has a vast background in International Business Development, Branded hotels, Education and Psychology and has held many key positions in a broad range of fields ranging from the UN,- Airline Industry, Food Industry, Storage Industry, Commercial and Global Trading, Education and Counseling, Politics and Political strategies, Policies, International Relations, International and Local Economic Community Development, New Business Development, Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Entertainment & Fashion Consultancy, Change Management. Mr Byrde also served on over 18 boards and committees nationally and internationally and has wide experience in Board Governance, International Business Development, Education, Globalization and consulting, public policy and European Affairs and was recently appointed to the Directorate Global Diplomatic Council. On 5 March 2021, Mr. Byrde was appointed High Commissioner - Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs and Dean/Director of NHRF GATC. E-mail: yohan.byrde@globaldiplomaticcouncil.org

Jeroen Zandberg

Mr. Jeroen Zandberg - Deputy Secretary General/Executive Director

Mr. Jeroen Zandberg has been working with underrepresented States, nations and Peoples for over twenty years, assisting them in their cultural, political and economic development and integration into the international structures that bind the world together. Mr. Zandberg is a member of numerous Boards of organisations supporting and representing underrepresented nations. Furthermore, he frequently provides trainings on politics, lobbying in the EU and human rights. Mr. Zandberg has authored several books on politics and political philosophy as well as the history of Southern Africa and is active in Dutch politics. A few of his books have been translated into English like: The philosophy of Ubuntu and the origins of democracy and the Rehoboth Griqua Atlas

E-mail: jeroen.zandberg@globaldiplomaticcouncil.org

Mr. Bernard Merkx - Vice Chairman/Director General

Mr. Bernard Merkx is a renowned plastics recycling, waste management and marine litter expert with over 30 years of experience and a broad high-level network both in the international public and various private industry sectors. Next to his career in the international plastics industry, where he has held several senior management positions in among others Schoeller Allibert, a globally active plastics converting group, he has devoted a lot of his time and energy to establish a solid legal and economically viable basis for today’s European plastics recycling industry. In 2011 Mr. Merkx established the Netherlands based consultancy company Green Wave Plastics, which aims to assist companies in the international plastics & rubber industry, fishery and some other industries in the transition to improve sustainability and profitability by offering pragmatic solutions. Mr. Merkx is a member of various Board of Directors and Advisory Boards and co-author of several studies on environmental issues. Since November 2011 he is Honorary President of Plastics Recyclers Europe after 12 years of Presidency. Furthermore, Bernard is co-founder of the Waste Free Oceans Foundation; a Brussels based not-for-profit organization that is actively working on solutions to marine litter challenges.
E-mail: info@globaldiplomaticcouncil.org

Dr. Tererai Trent - Global Ambassador for Education GDC-ICD Senior Fellow

Dr. Tererai Trent is one of today’s most internationally recognized voices for quality education and women’s empowerment. Distinguished as Oprah’s “All-Time Favorite Guest”, Dr. Trent is a scholar, humanitarian, motivational speaker, educator, mentor, and founder of Tererai Trent International.

Mr. Nileish Malhotra - Ambassador India

Mr. Nileish Malhotra is an experienced actor, director, producer and international promoter of cultural programs who has starred in Hindi and English feature films under such renowned directors as Sir Richard Attenborough in 'Gandhi', Nicholas Meyer in 'the deceivers' in English, Blondie Singh in Bollywood in English and many more leading roles.

Dr. (Mrs.) Suraina Malhotra - Chief Political Advisor India, Commissioner Medical Affairs

Dr. (Mrs.) Suraina Malhotra holds a doctorate in medicine and is a political leader presently holding the post of President - North Central District –Mumbai Mahila & Doctor’s Cell - Nationalist Congress Party – Mumbai Pradesh. – 2nd term. She has held the posts of Mumbai General Secretary of Mumbai Nationalist Mahila Congress Party as well as of the Doctor’s Cell.

Shafeeq Shahul Hameed - High Commissioner Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs/Director Management Board

Dr. Shafeeq Shahul Hameed is an internationally renowned human rights advocate who has founded the NHRF and is a member of the international diplomatic corps.

Ritchie Yong Jian Niang - Country Director Malaysia - Special Envoy to ASEAN

Ritchie Yong established the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneur Associated Chamber of Commerce (APEACC), and actively adopted clear development ideas, strong development momentum, and a strong open atmosphere, highlighting the advantages of various regions in Asia- Pacific, and proposed the "Leading the Chamber of Commerce, "Investment, business and investment" construction model. This encourages entrepreneurs. This is not only a vital force to promote the economic development of the companies in various countries, but also an important force to promote the development of countries in the Asia- Pacific region. The courageous and pioneering spirit of the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneur Associated Chamber of Commerce (APEACC) has demonstrated a good image of outstanding Asians who are open to tolerance and open-mindedness. The Asia-Pacific Entrepreneur Associated Chamber of Commerce (APEACC) has been accredited by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), and is recognized by the international organization and local governments, and mainly assists the General assembly in promoting international economic and social cooperation and development.

Ho Quoc Nam - Country Director Viet Nam, Lao PDR and Cambodia

Dr. Ho Quoc Nam is a highly experienced and qualified business administrator, entrepreneur and investor with an extensive global network and intricate knowledge of international relations.

Dr. Riyas Sulaima Lebbe - Country Director Sri Lanka

Prof (Dr) Riyas Sulaima Lebbe is an independent Researcher, Management Consultant and Corporate Trainer. He is the Founder and the Executive Director of the Centre for Peace Studies, Sri Lanka and the Universal Management Consultancy service. Centre for Peace Studies is the only Sri Lankan organization successfully working in 23 Countries in the world with over 120 representatives.

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