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With a detailed understanding of the political, diplomatic and public affairs landscape we understand the risks and opportunities in multiple sectors, we can help your business, organization, nation or party to understand the political and diplomatic drivers of change, identify, quantify and manage risk and proactively drive opportunity with political, diplomatic and public affairs at all levels and in all the issues that matter to you and your nations.

Government and diplomatic relations

Building relations with government and government agencies and the Diplomatic community matters.

Public Policy Management

We help our clients to understand what’s going on in parliament or the administration.

Stakeholder Management

We help you talk to your stakeholders in a way which will get their attention. 

Strategic Communication

Consistent, clear communication and brand positioning protects reputations and helps to diffuse a crisis.

Global Affairs

We have a global reach, through the InterNations Exchange Global Partnership, a network of public affairs, diplomatic and political specialists.

Party Management and Leadership Training

We devise public affairs strategies and tactics for professional societies.

Benefits of membership

The benefits of joining the Global Diplomatic Council are numerous, but our members tell us the primary benefits are:
▪ An advocacy forum for important international policy-making activities;
▪ A full calendar of unique social and business and diplomatic networking events;
▪ A unique cross-company Young Professionals Program.

Corporate Membership

The regular type of company or organization membership of the Global Diplomatic Council with two to five representatives included.
▪ Participation in GDC’s top class events with speakers from business and government, diplomats and social influencers and a series of social events;
▪ Access to GDC’s high profile network;
▪ A unique cross-company Young Professionals Program for your high potentials;
▪ Unique marketing opportunities that will raise the brand awareness of your company or organizations and it’s activities within the GDC network;
▪ Newsletters of the GDC and access to the Membership Directory with a listing of all member companies and their representatives;
▪ Eligibility for Committee or commission participation. Full access to the GDC General Assembly, conferences and congress
▪ Access to all institutions GDC is affiliated with. UN, EU, Commonwealth, UNESCO, NATO, access to government and corporations and agencies, IGO’s NGO’s, INGO’s and other affiliate partners.

Patron Membership

Intended for companies or organizations who want to support the Global Diplomatic Council with a maximum contribution. Members of this group will receive special recognition and accreditations, extra visibility and incentives.

Exclusive benefits for Patron Members:

▪ Five representatives included;

▪ Two Young Professionals included;

▪ Admission to exclusive Patron-only events;

▪ Meet and Greets with keynote speakers and other VIP arrangements;

▪ Preferred sponsor of GDC events;

▪ Special recognitions and accreditations and awards recognized internationally

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Contributing Membership

A membership type intended for startups, not-for-profits and small businesses (less than 10 employees) with one representative included.

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• Building relations with government and government agencies and the Diplomatic community matters. Decisions made by governments and regulators are estimated to impact on business value by as much as 30%, and up to 50% in some sectors.
• Businesses, organizations, communities and nations which engage proactively and regularly with the people with the power to influence their trading environment have a head start over the rest when it comes to strategic planning.
• By sharing factual and anecdotal evidence of the realities in their sector, they become part of the process, they build relationships of trust and they shape their own business environment for the future.
• Our clients come to us because we believe in proactive and effective engagement and we get results. We specifically recruit people who have hands-on experience of working at the heart of the political machine because they know the who, why and the when of lobbying and engagement.
• Wherever our clients want to engage, we know every level of government – from elected representatives to officials and administrators. Our strategies and tactics advance business goals in local and global markets.

A change in government policy, a new approach to regulation in a particular sector or a sudden rise in activism can all knock a business strategy off track.

Conversely, the same events can create opportunity for businesses, but only if they are aware of the change long enough in advance to take advantage or manage the risk.

We help our clients to understand what’s going on in parliament or the administration through a blend of active online monitoring, personal knowledge and strategic insight. We filter, prioritise, interpret and tailor to your business strategy.

Monitoring and issue tracking can be routine. You might want a regular round up of what matters to your business – designed to keep you ahead of the curve. Or you might need short term and strategic insight, focused around a particular issue and designed to ensure that you can respond to a particular threat or opportunity.

We deliver to suit you. For some clients, a simple, regular email will suffice. For others, we build bespoke tools which harness complex issues and deliver our analysis and strategic advice. For others, a call is all it takes when we spot something business critical. Knowledge is power where business is concerned. Work with us to understand how we could put the power in your hands.

  • Any business, association, group, community or nation should know who can influence its operating environment at any particular point in time. If you don’t know, it’s easy to be blind-sided by a change in government strategy or a swing in public opinion. We make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Mapping stakeholders is stage one. We identify friends and foes and their scope to impact on your business success. Government and the administration are the starting point, but we always go further.
  • We map influencers from campaigners to bloggers, from high-profile opinion leaders to Twitter trenders. We tell you how they can positively or negatively impact on your strategy or your day-to-day business.
  • We use a broad range of tools and tactics to talk to influencers in a way they’ll understand and with a message which is tailored to them. We work with you to develop credible positions and deliver engagement through meetings, thought leadership and data-driven insight. With an inhouse digital and design capability, we also build microsites, create infographics, make video and build social media campaigns.
  • In short we help you talk to your stakeholders in a way which will get their attention.
  • Effective, targeted communication is critical to success for corporates and not-for-profits alike.  With so much noise out there, engagement with the market or with consumers must really hit the spot in order to be heard.
  • We believe that consistent, clear communication and brand positioning protects reputations and helps to diffuse a crisis.  Channels of communication grow and shift in influence almost daily. With in-house experts in social and traditional media, backed up by a team of designers and digital experts, we deliver communications strategies which go from cutting edge video communication to mainstream press relations.
  • Managing issues across borders is a challenging business. Senior public affairs professionals need 360 ° vision and an ability to prioritise and mobilise resources, sometimes at very short notice. They also need a firm grasp of the issues in multiple markets, and of who the influencers are.
  • Manageable information flows are key. We’ve build multi-country monitoring tools that work on mobiles and tablets, which give you a simple overview of where the hotspots are today; and online stakeholder engagement tools which keep you abreast of sentiment in multiple markets. We can also keep you apprised through a simple call when it suits you.
  • Our global reach, through the Global Diplomatic Council Partnership, a network of public affairs, diplomatic and political specialists, means we can take the heat out of the challenges you face. We know you can’t be broadsided. We know you don’t always have the local resources you need. We put our people at your service to identify critical issues and deliver strategies to respond to them, wherever they might arise.
  • We also understand the need for a one-stop-shop approach. You don’t have time to talk to 60 experts, so we filter and prioritise on your behalf, keeping you appraised of the issues you need to be alert to and recommending strategies and tactics for action. And when it comes to the best strategies for managing your internal information flows, we deliver strategic advice and counsel on how to organise the PA function across an organisation for maximum internal impact.
  • Associations and professional societies are a core part of our business
  • They come to us for public affairs support but also because we have a dedicated AMC Institute-accredited association management practice which can accompany an association every step of the way from inception to growth. 
  • For some association clients, we carry the administrative and strategic burden, freeing up volunteer members to concentrate on strategy.
  • For others, we work with them to find the right legal structures, complete administrative formalities or to provide head office or back office functions. Each assignment is different, ranging from supplying CEO services, through driving business development campaigns to devising public affairs strategies and tactics.
  • Associations matter. They deliver consensus-led input to policy making worldwide and they set and drive up standards. Their members count on them to represent their interests – and many of the world’s biggest associations count on us for professional support and engagement in multiple global markets.
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