The CEC-GDC-Global Economic Forum is a platform for government, civil society and business leaders who want to collaborate on solving global challenges and grabbing future opportunities. Our global stakeholders combine and multiply their efforts based on the universal values of human rights and democracy and strive for the implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to create a prosperous and peaceful world for all. Freedom, cooperation and entrepreneurship shape our vision of global society.

The transformation of the global economy is a challenge for the world’s democratic forces and the platform of the CEC-GDC-Global Economic Forum enables leaders from cultural, governmental and business leaders to integrate their community into global society, thereby strengthening their self-determination and independence. We are a platform for fair and just cooperation between independent local, national and international actors who work towards solving common problems with a shared vision of humanity and a clear mission for a sustainable world.

The CEC-GDC-Global Economic Forum organises numerous conferences where business, cultural and government leaders meet up. Some of the main thematic subjects which are discussed are: climate change and environment, education, block chain and circular business models, diplomacy and entrepreneurship in the global public interest.



Economic development of national minorities’ regions within the EU

The study investigates and analyzes the institutional framework supporting the economic development of regions populated by recognized national minorities, how this promotes durable diversity within the European Union and in what way international investment and cooperation can increase the regions’ competitiveness.

Tentative date of presentation of the report: June 2023

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