The GDC frequently organises events on the main international political stage, bringing politicians, public policy professionals and business leaders together to find the best sustainable solutions in resolving global challenges. 

The CEC-Global Economic Forum London

A platform for government, civil society and business leaders who want to collaborate on solving global challenges and grabbing future opportunities. 

Some of the main thematic subjects which will be discussed are: climate change and environment, education, block chain and circular business models, diplomacy and entrepreneurship in the global public interest.


The course will provide an in-depth view of a wide range of policy issues involving international governance at the international, national, and local levels, and the practice of diplomacy on both a multi-lateral and bi-lateral basis.  The program takes an analytical approach to policies and equips students with the skills to design, implement and analyse from different levels of expertise and sectors.  It brings together the knowledge of diverse actors to manage collective action on the international stage, whilst incorporating diplomatic practices.

Applications closed on May 31, 2022

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