* March 6 – April 10, 2022 *


Human Rights


The Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies (USA) in collaboration with the International Commission of Diplomacy and Global Affairs, powered by the Global Diplomatic Council (The Hague), Academy African Scholars for Social Change (USA), African Institute of Human Rights Law Initiative (South Africa) & West Africa Center for Peace Studies (Ghana).


Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to human rights
  • Historical overview of human rights development
  • The Concepts in human rights
  • Developments in human rights
  • Assignment

Module 2: Development of Human Rights Laws

  • The sources of international law
  • International human rights law
  • Public international law
  • International humanitarian law
  • Enforcement of human rights law
  • Assignment

Module 3: The Human Rights Systems

  • The United Nations and human rights
  • Major United Nations human rights instruments
  • Introduction to the United Nations system
  • United Nations human rights agencies and procedures
  • Regional human rights bodies
  • Assignment

Module 4: Training and Education in Human Rights

  • The concept of training
  • Facilitation and training skills
  • Facilitating human rights education
  • Training for sustainable business model
  • Taking action for human rights
  • Assignment

Module 5: ICT and Human Rights

  • Using the Internet for outreach and organizing
  • Social networking for human rights
  • Incorporating a human rights perspective into ICT Policy
  • Assignment

Module 6: Leadership Skills in Human Rights

  • Basic principles of leadership
  • The Art of Leadership
  • Volunteering as a form of leadership
  • Team building/Leadership in Action
  • Assignment

Module 7: Course Review and Wrap-up Conclusion

  • Final evaluation
  • Participants Evaluation of Course/Feedback
  • Conclusion


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