About us

The Global Diplomatic Council is a global think and do tank with accreditations and affiliations to many of the world’s international organisations, like the UN, EU and Commonwealth. We link diplomacy, business leaders, science’s leading minds and society’s front-runners on resolving mankind’s biggest challenges. 


Government and diplomatic relations, Public Policy and Issue Management, Stakeholder Management, Advocacy and Global Affairs, Association, Party Management and Leadership, Center for Global Leadership


International Commission of Diplomacy, Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies, World Relations Organization National Human Rights and Humanitarian Federation, InterNations-Exchange and others.


UN, EU, Commonwealth, UNESCO, NATO, access to government and corporations and agencies, IGO's NGO's, INGO's and other affiliate partners

Our story

The GDC is dedicated to promoting and contributing to global prosperity, economic development, social development, security and peace by initiating and fostering sustainable partnerships between diplomatic services, intergovernmental agencies, international politicians, diplomats, media, NGOs, civil societies, academics and the private sector through diplomacy.

The multi-stakeholder community that forms the Global Diplomatic Council is a platform dedicated to spearheading our theme of diplomatic, political, entrepreneurial and social responsibilities to proactively shape and impact the global future.

Our world class events platforms, commissions, forums, conferences, roundtables build bridges and channels to engage all the key voices and major actors in international and global affairs together to create tangible and measurable solutions to some of the world’s most challenging issues through foreign policy and international relations.

The Global Diplomatic Council (GDC) examines the role of diplomacy in addressing the major problems of global society. It studies the various diplomatic instruments available for this purpose, how they work and discuss the various factors that condition their operation and missions. The Council also examines how these diplomatic instruments are used to address the critical problems facing our world today; and the best sustainable solutions in resolving these global challenges. 

The Global Diplomatic Council (GDC) is represented by the International Diplomatic ambassadors and consuls, international politicians, business community leaders, INGO’s, NGO’s and the social and community leaders and organizers network. The Global Diplomatic Council(GDC) will appoint a council of international diplomatic campaign ambassadors. The main functions of the Diplomatic Campaign Ambassadors revolve around the representation and promotion of the interests of our diplomatic and political mission through friendly relations with their country of citizenship and residence. The International Diplomatic Campaign Ambassadors also collect and report information that could affect national and international interests, often with advice about how the home country government should respond. 

Then, once any policy response has been decided in the home country’s capital, we bear major responsibility for implementing it locally, nationally and globally. The International Diplomatic Campaign Ambassadors responsibility of conveying, in the most persuasive way possible, the views of the home government to the governments to which they are accredited and, in doing so, to try to convince those governments to act in ways that suit home country interests. In this way, the International Diplomatic Campaign Ambassadors are part of the beginning and the end of each loop in the continuous process through which foreign policy and diplomacy is made.

We also conduct ongoing research on international, intergovernmental and inter-regional organizations and explore topics such as the work of the United Nations (UN), ASEAN, the World Bank, the European Union (EU), OAS, CARICOM, G8 and G20, the Vatican (Holy See), UNESCO , the League of Arab Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, and topics such as Social Justice, Economic development and prosperity. International Security and Peacekeeping operations, humanitarian relief, poverty alleviation, public health, women’s rights and the protection of children and youth, education, human rights, environmental protection and climate change and the rule of law Global Diplomatic Council (GDC) also cultivates and manages a favorable world opinion toward a nation or state as its mandate of Diplomacy generally refers to our process of communicating with foreign public officials in an attempt to bring about understanding for its nation’s ideas and ideals, its institutions and culture, as well as its national goals and current policies. By this accord, nation states partake in the most pluralistic organizing institution in the international system. One state can confidently enter into diplomatic relations with another under a shared understanding. With sovereignty mutually recognized, nation states can use diplomacy as the means to achieving political, diplomatic, economic prosperity, social justice and peace. 

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