The GDC is a global think and do tank with accreditations and affiliations to many of the world’s international organisations, like the UN, EU and Commonwealth. We link diplomacy, business leaders, science’s leading minds and society’s front-runners on resolving mankind’s biggest challenges. 

The Global Diplomatic Council (GDC) is represented by the International Diplomatic ambassadors and consuls, international politicians, business community leaders, INGO’s, NGO’s and the social and community leaders and organizers network.

Our mission

The  Global Diplomatic Council is dedicated to promoting and contributing to global prosperity, economic development, social development, security and peace by initiating and fostering sustainable partnerships between diplomatic services, intergovernmental agencies, international politicians, diplomats, media, NGOs, civil societies, academics and the private sector through diplomacy.

Members can participate in Global Diplomatic Council forums, programs, and initiatives. Business leaders have the opportunity to meet high-level policy makers at GDC organised events at the UN, EU and other international platforms.

The GDC has an extensive, worldwide network of professional educators who provide training about the role of diplomacy in addressing the major problems of global society. 

The GDC frequently organises events on the main international political stage, bringing politicians, public policy professionals and business leaders together to find the best sustainable solutions in resolving global challenges. 

Our Services

With a detailed understanding of the political, diplomatic and public affairs landscape we understand the risks and opportunities in multiple sectors, we can help your business, organization, nation or party to understand the political and diplomatic drivers of change, identify, quantify and manage risk and proactively drive opportunity with political, diplomatic and public affairs at all levels and in all the issues that matter to you and your nations.

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